Six Date Weekend – Sunday

I wake up in the early hours of Sunday morning with “M” both still very….. damaged….. from the night before.  She lived in a basement apartment in Crystal Palace.  I’m suffering a bit from hang over sweats so drag myself off for a cold shower.  As I return, half way between the bathroom and her bedroom I stumble into her flat mate half naked with just a towel around me.  Luckily he was an easy going guy “Good night last night? Wasn’t expecting you guys to be up so early?”.

After my naked chat with Ms flatmate I remind myself of where in London I ended up and we start looking for trains.  Good ol London Public transport, over land trains not running.  I have to get a 30mins bus ride to the nearest tube in Brixton hmmm deja-vu.

I had arrange a date for lunchtime Sunday in Stratford, I send off a text apologising and take a rain cheque, I was in no fit state for first date small talk and desperately needed food and more rest.

I drag my sorry ass across town in the midday heat and head home for much needed recuperation and as many vitamins as I can ram down my throat.

My final date for the weekend was with “L”.  I’d met L a few weeks prior, A very sassy lady in her late 30s.  A Doctor in Business and an adviser to a large investment firm. We’d already arranged for her to come over to mine.  A good thing, as after last night I was a dead man walking.  My body felt like a punch bag after a round with Frank Bruno, “Know what I mean arry?”.

I met L at the station and we walked back to mine,  I told her a little about what happened the night before explaining my sorry state. Leaving out the other female liaisons of course, its funny how many times you refer to “a friend” when dating.

In much need of nutrition I rustle up some rare steak and veg for us both as we chat.  She looks at me disapprovingly but with a very cheeky smile.  Following dinner and feeling revived we start kissing in the lounge, L is very tactile and a great kisser.  Quickly we lose our clothes and start exploring each others bodies as we sit on my large leather couch.

The memories and aches from the night before fade as we enjoy each other and take the action to my king size bed, more than enough room for two….

A fitting and great end to a Six Date Weekend….


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  1. Bridget Moans July 27, 2014 at 8:40 pm #

    Sounds like a fun weekend. Dating should be fun and enjoyable and you’re certainly making the most of it.
    Looking forward to hearing more of your stories.
    Did any of these dates lead to 2nd dates?

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