How Have Dating Apps Changed The Way We Date?

Dating apps have made finding partners much easier than ever thought possible.

It’s hard to believe that it was only in 2007 when the first iPhone was launched and 2008 with Android.  In the seven years that we have embraced smart phones and mobile apps the adoption of the dating industry of these technologies has massively influenced the way we date.

Traditionally before apps you would be restricted to websites accessed through PCs which was never really that convenient.  With new apps such as Tinder or Badoo you can find your perfect partner anytime, anywhere on your smart phone.

So what have dating apps brought to the dating game and what can you do to increase your chances?

Live location based results.

Mobiles use GPS and WIFI to establish your location, dating apps are able to pin point other potential partners in your exact vicinity and in real time.  This greatly increases your chances of striking up a date.  “Oh you are nearby? Great let’s meet for a drink.”

TOP TIP!! Make sure you have your mobile location enabled so that the app can use this feature.  If you find your location results are way off then this may be the reason.  Apps will pinpoint searches under the nearby heading if you have GPS enabled, otherwise it will show you results based on your chosen town. Privacy isn’t usually an issue as the locations are usually pretty vague.

Swift profile creations.

Traditional dating websites would take at least 30mins to 1 hour to upload pictures, write a compelling profile and then await approvals.  Dating apps make this much easier, most allowing you to sign up using Facebook and giving access direct to your basic information and chosen photos.  This means you can be chatting with potential hot matches within 5 minutes.

TOP TIP!! Use clear and bright photos, do not use photos wearing sunglasses and try not to use a group photo as your first image.  See my Top Tips for taking great profile pictures.

Lightning responses.

As apps send alerts direct to your phone, messages can be replied to in minutes rather than days.  It’s changed the pace of dating.  I’ve arranged a date within 1 hour of first contact and it’s possible to do this any time of day, anywhere.

TOP TIP!! If you get a match that you have “liked” engage them quickly and keep the momentum going.


Dating mobile apps do not divulge any personal information to your potential partners.  Only your first name and pictures are generally used.  You can have great conversations online before having to give away any personal information such as your phone number.

TOP TIP!! Make sure you exchange a few messages first and get to know your new contact before giving out your number.  You shouldn’t ever need to say exactly where you live, but the area does help for someone to establish if you have potential for long term dating.

A huge selection of gorgeous men and women in your area.

Because dating apps are so much easier to use, more people sign up to them.  More members in turn means a greater selection for you to choose from.  Internet based websites usually only have a very small portion of the daters available in your area.  Choose the right app and you will massively increase your chances.

TOP TIP!! Try to be realistic in who you send messages to, everyone loves to punch above their weight.  If you find that you are not getting many replies, change your approach, review the messages you are sending and contact different people.

To wrap up…

Don’t forget that mobile apps are a great string to add to your dating bow, but don’t rely on them entirely.  Meeting people in real life and while following your favourite hobbies is still important. If you haven’t tried some of the apps available, give them a go, it will make you a much more rounded dater.

Have you found that using dating apps have changed your dating approach? Leave me a comment and tell me about your experiences.

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