About me

I’m late 30 something male, tall, dark hair and blue eyes.  University educated, work in the technology industry. I’m pretty driven when it comes to career maybe to my detriment sometimes.

Currently Writing For


I’ve always been an active guy, spending most of my spare time running, playing tennis, cycling and climbing. When i’m not spending time sweating my arse off, photography has become a large passion of mine, a creative outlet I guess in my otherwise very technical and structured working life.

Past Relationships

Generally since my mid twenties up until 2013  I’ve been in three long term relationships.  With little gap between them I cruised through ten years of my life in relationships where I felt very comfortable but didn’t really see any long term future with in the sense of settling down or having kids. Why? I’m not sure, I guess I didn’t see any urgency or particular reason not to be with those previous partners but when it came to the crunch I did have to admit to them and myself that things were not going to develop any further and move on.

In hindsight was this the right way to approach relationships? I don’t I hold any regrets but its certainly made me realise now that time can pass by very swiftly in the blink of an eye.  My last long term relationship came to an end naturally around Dec 2013 when we started to discuss after 5 or so years where things were going, we hadn’t even moved in with each other by this stage and the pressure was on me to make a decision.  Allow her to move in or to end things knowing that deep down it wasn’t right for either of us.  The decision finally was the later.

Since being in London I’ve had a couple of relatively serious relationships of up to a year that never seem to have developed past the casual dating phase.  Is this the London way? Time will tell….

What now?

Looking around me all of my friends are mostly married with kids or about to get married, even our one friend who we have a running joke with about being gay (works in the theatre, never talks about girlfriends, you know the type) has seemingly found the love of his life and recently married.

Past partners I had successfully found via various online dating sites so naturally this seems a good place to start again due to my seemingly busy work life and the fact that the technology industry seems to be full of women who either look like men or are already married.

Now living in central London and often working the usual 11hr days in the city I find myself once again drawn to online dating as an opportunity to meet women in my otherwise male dominated world.

Why swipe right?

Dating sites have taken a new turn, long profiles and multiple questions seem to be a thing of the past and people seem to enjoy the flippancy of simply swiping right to accept or left to reject a person based on a few chosen photos.  I’m not going to mentions particular names apps or sites here, but my chosen arsenal of dating tools are the well known phone app rhyming with Linda and the online dating site who’s name rhymes with Ohh Gay Stupid.

So onto my diary, my name isn’t James and the ladies names I have chosen to not divulge in order to keep things as honest and factual as possible whilst retaining my and their anonymity.

So lets begin…….


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