Six Date Weekend – Friday

I’ve been promoted at work, now a senior executive, things are looking up in the career world.  Flip side I’m spending a lot of time away on business and during the week I’ve not really had time to date.

So, Wednesday I tweak my Ok Cupid profile a bit in the hotel to cut to the chase, really speak my mind.  Must like eating sausages, adequately trimmed foliage, enjoys fart jokes and doesn’t still live with mom and dad, you know….  I then put my new found boldness to the test and send out a few mails to likely ladies that live in the city, appear to enjoy a few drinks and have some kind of reasonable career to speak of.

To date Tinder matches have been particularly flaky, I’m beginning to wonder if 50% of people at least on the app actually have no intention of meeting people at all.  I will post a Tinder insight separately as to be honest by now I could write a book that would equal Fifty Shades Of Sh$t on the topic.

So anyway cutting to the chase.  As a result of my new found OKC boldness I organise a rather busy weekend of dating, two dates each evening. It appear the more direct approach works better the and vanilla type profile.

Friday evening Date 1  – 6:30pm Camino Kings Cross.

I meet up with Susy an Asian origin creative director from Australia. I was a bit late arriving due to trains and find her standing outside in the courtyard. She was dressed in skinny grey stone washed jeans, Doc Martin type boots and a leather jacket. Hmm I think, maybe I overdressed slightly in my casual blazer and shoes.

After the obligatory two cheek salute we head inside for a drink.  A great Ausie accent, with a sense of swank in her stride.  At the bar I order our drinks and turn to her for the first time to look into her eyes.  Great large brown eyes and very well pruned eyebrows catch my attention, but as my gaze wanders down her face I notice a hug spot on her lip… Ohhhh no !! That’s all I’m going to be able to look at now !!!

Our conversation wanders through the usual territory of gigs that shes been to recently, shes quite new to London.  We glance on photography for a while that interests us both.  I still cant stop noticing that while mountain on her lip though, I start to wonder if shes wondering why I’m staring at her lips so much.  Feeling like I should cover my tracks a little and not appear as some kind of lip fetishist, I complement her on her very white teeth.  Hmm, I think, actually in hindsight that might make me appear more of a mouth fetishist that before, but ahh well she did have great teeth.

Starting to realise that the fact Im looking at her teeth more than thinking about anything else, maybe shes not really for me and start to think about date two.  Id planned to meet Fay at just after 8pm so was glad that id only agreed to meet Susy on a spare of the moment quick drink and wrapped up out polite small talk and went on our way.

Friday evening Date 2  – 8pm Pub near Kings Cross.

I found Fay literally yards from where id just said goodbye to Susy.  Fay is in her late 20s and a digital marketer.  Very shy and giggly I think she was initially extremely nervous. The first thing that jumped out at me was her hair, very trendy wonky cut that looked almost too perfect to be true.  She was very petite, I really looked like the Jolly Green Giant next to her.  We’d been getting on well texting so I though going for a cheeky kiss wouldn’t be a bad thing, and carry it off well was we walk.

We wandered through Kings Cross to a pub and sat down among some rather scary looking locals and she talked about her rough start to the day where she got soaked in the morning rain.  I couldn’t resist but mention her hair, I think after the zit episode I felt it almost complementary to at least mention her well groomed hair.  She replied with “You haven’t dated a black girl before have you?” Erm well actually seems you mention it, no I haven’t.  She then goes into explaining that its actually a wig… “What so none of if it yours?” I gasp.. “No” evidently the wigs last a few months before they have to go and get them re-worked. Quite a common thing among black women evidently…. Ok well I guess you really do learn new things every day.

We finish our drinks and by this time shes actually admitted that after one drink shes already feeling quite drunk and I am pretty tired after the rather chaotic week of business travelling.  I tongue in cheek suggest maybe heading further towards my home to get something to eat.  She initially accepts but then changes her mind and says “Maybe on date two…”

We head our separate ways but as I reach my train platform I remember I left my umbrella in her bag (couldn’t be bothered carrying it, and her bag was big enough for a weekend away).  Frantically calling her to recover it I leap over the train barriers and head for her platform to recover it.  A rather crazy end for a small pocket umbrella, but it was from Costco after all… and Id grown rather attached to it.

Time to hit the sack and to rejuvenate for 3pm and the next dates….

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  1. Jonathan Bird August 19, 2014 at 4:42 pm #

    You must have been shattered by this challenge. Hat’s off to you for giving this amount of dates a go. I wonder what the record is?

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