The Park Date – “Grape?”

This date was different in the sense “V” knew about my blog and had read all of my previous dating posts.

We had talked quite a bit over Twitter, she had read and appeared to enjoy my blogs, in particular the Remote Egg post that seemed to tickle her.

We arranged to meet up at the weekend, Saturday was particular hot, desert like sun, so we decided to meet in the park where we could soak up the heat with a cold bottle of Sauvignon. I packed my rug (not a euphemism) and headed for Green Park which is always thriving in the good weather.

I was on time to the minute, quite rare for me, I waited by the fountain at the tube. Firing off a text to say I was there I started to look around for a good place to sit.  Behind me I hear my name and I spin around to see an immaculately dressed lady in a very colorful maxi dress and large sunglasses. I wasn’t sure to start if it was her, but she seemed certain, I thought to myself hmm I could be kissing completely the wrong person here but we quickly established she was right.  Bearing in mind she had said she’d only had 15mins to get changed to come out she looked stunning.

Wandering through the park we find a slightly cooler spot under the trees lay down the rug and pull out the cool bottle of wine which was much needed in the heat.  The park was heaving, there were couples and groups all around us.  Conversation very quickly got onto dating, and my past experiences that id written about on this blog.  A little unusual bearing in mind past dates and exes are usually a total taboo topic especially the content of mine were far from what id usually offer up to even my best friends. Talking to V was refreshing though, there were no secrets or a need to feel we had to cover up our past experiences and desires.

We sipped on the wine which was going down very well along with a box of grapes I’d grabbed at the shop on the way through. She enjoyed those especially, in fact whenever the conversation got a little heated or she blushed, she would offer me one, “grape?”. It became a running joke during the evening.  I thought briefly about how unusual the situation was, how that she knew so much about me and yet was still happy to go on a date to meet me in the flesh.  It was certainly a first for me, and these days they are few and far between.

Sharing more and more intimate stories and views it was like we’d know each other for a while. I guess in a sense she did know quite a lot about me, but not about my life in general so it was good to share that with each other.  Now and again id pause just to look at her which seemed to make her a little uneasy and would often result in being offered another “Grape?”.

She’d ask what I was looking at, in my head I was thinking well… admiring, but I replied “nothing, just looking…”  Didn’t want her to think I was getting too cheesy or make her think I had stalker tendencies.

We soon finished the bottle of wine between us and I was bursting for the toilet I mention that I needed to excuse myself to go and find them.  Before I went though I wanted to kiss her, it had been on my mind for a while, she was very pretty and the conversation had been particularly frank and enjoyable.  Leaning over she leans in too, thank fuck I thought, I made the right call, would have been embarrassing if she’d backed away.  The kiss that followed was amazing, extremely addictive she was a great kisser and her lips were something else. After a few minutes we separate looking around we realise that we’ve just become one of the many make out couples in the park, we joke about it and I reach into my bag to pull out some chilled ready mixed G & Ts so she could have a drink while I went to the toilet.

Getting up I realise I’ve created a bit of a trouser tent and V makes a joke, hopefully the rest of the people in the park couldn’t see, but ahh who cares right? I beat a hasty retreat to the toilet and leave her with the G & T.  On my return we meet again with smiles, kissing again but this time sitting much closer. I wasn’t really expecting things to go so well, especially on the first date, I thought maybe shed just met to satisfy a curiosity of who was at the other side of the blog.

I’d actually arranged to meet a second date that night, I was honest with her about it. I thought I could lie but I didn’t want to.  It seemed right to be honest from the start especially as I was interested in seeing her again.  After the G & Ts, and some more “Grape?” conversation we pack up and wander towards Waterloo.  As we walked up past St James park she comments on how she hadnt planned on kissing me.  I ask why, “Well that’s what you did on your other dates?” I explain that yes maybe I had but I wanted to kiss her because I liked her. Hmm was this backfiring? Still it didn’t seem to have changed the outcome, we walked up the mall stopping now and again to continue kissing.

By this time we were both starving and my second date had stipulated that she wasn’t going to drink or eat…. We both agreed that was rather odd and decided to get a bite to eat at a Mexican near Embankment.  The restaurant was hot and busy, it had one of those open kitchens which I don’t think helped add to the hot weather outside.

As we sat down the waiter gave us a gadget, three buttons, one for calling the waiter, one for asking for the bill and one to cancel.  Nice touch I thought and we sat and waited to place our order continuing to chat.  I enjoyed sitting opposite her, she’d lost the large bins of designer sunglasses so I could see her eyes. I was still enjoying being with her and actually finding out some parts of her career and aspirations to work abroad.  I liked that she had goals in life and was intelligent with it, so many women I’ve met had little substance or personality, V was different.

Lost in our conversation time passed and we were getting quite hungry, no sign of the waiter again.  V presses the button to get attention, nothing happens, she starts pushing again and again as we laugh out how the technology was clearly a great gesture but pretty ineffective. Eventually we catch one of them as they pass and we order our food and come Mezcal cocktails.  We share the dishes and much to her amusement I pick some of the really hot green sauce, which took me by surprise.

She started to message her friends to arrange to meet them after our date and I check my phone to see where date number two was up to. Still thinking it strange that we both new exactly what my plans were but it didn’t phase us.  I actually wanted the night to continue with V and suggest that I could maybe cancel date two and continue on with her.  Quite rightly she reminded me that it was bad form and way to late to cancel now. Despite what happened with date two I knew V would be on my mind that evening.

We grab the bill and prepare to leave, V offers to pay her half, MASSIVE points in my book. I’m not sure if she had seen my tweets on this topic but it was certainly welcome.  I politely declined her offer and I settle the bill hoping that this wouldn’t  be the last time I see her.

Walking down to the river and over the foot bridge once again stopping to take in the views and kiss.  I hug her from behind and she gently presses back into me as we kiss.  Uh Oh trouser tent again, this is going to be a tricky walk…  She had the ability to instantly turn me on, I was hoping she felt the same but didn’t say much in the moment I certainly enjoyed the embrace, it was as if we had skipped to date two in the evening due to being so open with each other from the start.

We reached Waterloo station, or more like I waddled with my trouser bulge, luckily I had some quite thick chinos on that were good at disguising it. Seeing the station in the distance I wanted a good night kiss, I stop in the middle of the walk way but V didn’t want to be so blatant in public and pulled me to the side against a wall.  It seemed that we could kiss all night and never get bored.  It was 9pm though and date two was due, so we had to go our separate ways and I watch her cross the road to the station in her flowing maxi dress.

She’d made an impact, I certainly wanted to see her again and I hope I do.

TO BE CONTINUED??? We will see…..


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2 Responses to The Park Date – “Grape?”

  1. Jonathan Bird August 19, 2014 at 4:46 pm #

    What happened then?

    Did you see her again?

    • James August 20, 2014 at 4:41 am #

      Unfortunately not, I went in a little heavy asking for a second date and then she went AWOL. Lesson learned, nice gal though.

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