Camden Crunch Chaos

You may remember “A” from my Saturday 6 date weekend post.  After a slightly crazy date in Brixton, although cut short for the drunken encounter, we’d had a great time so arranged to meet up the following Friday.

Thinking about something to do that didn’t just revolve around the usual swanky bars and knowing she was quite a live wire since the “Boob Selfie” I settled on Camden as being a good location for a more relaxed night out.

Camden for those outside of London is a pretty informal area, lots of pubs, alternative rock bars, quite dark I suppose you could even say seedy but the crowd is friendly and open minded to say the least.  There is no pretentiousness in Camden, the “Only Way Is Essex” crowd give it a wide birth in favor of areas like hip and trendy Shoreditch.

I’d been to Camden a couple of times before, there is an alternative gathering there once a month called the Camden Crunch.  It’s effectively a social night for open-minded people, not a gay scene, not a rocker scene, pretty much any scene goes here and the crowd is very social and friendly.

I told A of my plans and we agreed to once again meet at the tube.  I’d had a pretty mad working week with my new promotion so I was up for a blow out to let of steam. I booked a suite at the Holiday Inn overlooking the lock, you can actually see the venue here in this picture on the left, and the hotel is just to the right out of picture so an easy stumble, hopefully not falling into the lock on the way……


In my usual Friday night fashion I was late to meet A, work had dragged on and I couldn’t get away on time.  Apologising to A profusely I run from Camden tube, via KFC for a 2 piece box and meet her outside the hotel with chicken hanging out of my mouth.

She was wearing a very pretty Polka-dot dress and matching heels, sort of “Happy Days” era 50s 60s style, very cute and girly.  In true British Hugh Grant fashion I apologise again, plant a chickiny kiss on her and we walk into the hotel to check in.  Hustling up to the 5th floor where all the suites are we dump our bags, the suite was pretty compact but very well kitted out and an amazing balcony overlooking the Lock and funnily enough our party venue for the evening.  It was a really hot muggy day so A asks if its OK if she takes a shower to freshen up before we head out, “no problem” I reply in fact it suited me as I headed down to the bar to grab a glass of cold sauvignon.

At the bar I took a double take to my left, WTF Ricky Hatton was sat there having a drink.  I’m guessing not alcoholic, didn’t he have some issues at one point? Not sure….

Ricky Hatton

Not wishing to catch his eye and seem like a sad celeb stalker I grab my wine and head back upstairs.  By this time A is still fluttering around the suite so I head out onto the balcony to take in the view and sit down sipping my wine.  Once she had finished adding the final touches, we made a move downstairs via reception where I asked them to put a bottle of wine on ice in our suite for later. Walking hand in hand over to the bar, it was still pretty warm and muggy outside I’d opted to ditch my jacket in the hotel which I was glad for as only half of the venue was air-conditioned.  We had a walk around, chatted to a few groups and bought a bottle of wine from the bar.  Unusually they decanted the wine into a plastic carafe, clearly in fear of me clubbing someone later on in the night with the bottle maybe… hmm Camden I guess….

By about 10pm people had started to arrive in their droves, I think with the hot weather people were hitting the town a bit later than usual.  The event started to live up to its reputation with the open minded crowd.  Lots of people had dressed for the occasion. Many women adorn with latex, PVC and leather.  Even the male crowd had made the effort, with one cheeky chap in a leather kilt, braces, and not much else but his smile.

We spend the night talking between ourselves and also random groups of people throughout the venue, the atmosphere is very friendly, most happy to get to know new people. Standing in the bar area of the club we start chatting to two ladies who seemed a bit fresh faced. L and C had not been to the event before they were both in their mid 20s and out on Camden down enjoying the spectacular of the Crunch.  After a few drinks we hit the dance floor.  The music was a real mish mash of rock, pop and everything in between.  A was enjoying herself dancing with L and myself with C, not wishing anyone to be left out I grab the other two and form a bit of a lady twerking sandwich in the middle of the dance floor.  Much to my surprise, or well to be honest would anything surprise me about A right now, she starts getting quite frisky with L, hands wander and kisses start to ensue.  L was a pretty, petite Asian lady so about the same height as A they appeared to get on very well….

The fact that the girls were getting on SO well didn’t really phase me, it’s what the event is about and a pretty common site.  Having sunk the bottle of wine between us and a couple of JDs and coke it was about midnight, following our mass dance off we were pretty hot and tired.  Knowing that I had already put some wine in my room I suggested to the ladies that we head back to the hotel to sit on the balcony and enjoy the view.  Our new friends happily accepted and we wandered over the bridge to the hotel. Walking into reception was interesting, a 6ft plus guy followed by 3 very petite ladies in heels, I was just waiting for a challenge as Id clearly left with one lady and returned with three.  They didn’t really bat an eye lid other to confirm I was a resident so we hustle into the lift and head up.  Entering the suite the ladies head out onto the balcony as I look for the wine. Hmm no where to be seen I dial down to reception to ask where it was.  After a few minutes and still no response back from the bar I excuse myself with the ladies and head down myself to the bar to see what had happened.

Now armed with wine and glasses I make my way up to the suite, this is turning out to be an interesting night, good chat in the club, drinks flowing, was nice to have a cheesy dance.  On returning to the suite I find A and L pretty much naked on the bed going hammer and tongs, hmm not sure why this didn’t surprise me that much, but I smile and carry on in and pour the wine.  The girls didn’t really flinch about my presence they were clearly too busy bearing in mind the noises coming from the bed.  I hear a knock at the door, that’s odd, who’s that? Someone coming to join the party? I open the door to find an apologetic bar man, he’d forgotten to ask me to sign for the wine.  Slightly awkwardly I hold the door half open not to display the now naked girls on the bed, although I think the screams and moans may have given the game away. Signing the receipt I quickly thank him and close the door again.

Ls friend was sitting on her own on the balcony, I pass her a wine and ask if she’s OK, evidently she had a boyfriend so was happy to entertain herself with the view and leave us to it. Knowing she was quite happy I take a few slugs of wine and join the ladies on the the bed.  By this time A was straddling L to I quickly lose my clothes and join in.

Well it would be rude not to right……?


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