The Birthday Blow Out

Id been texting M on Whatsapp for quite a while, we swapped numbers on Tinder.  She was pretty, blonde and shared a passion for sports, yoga and cocktails.

Over what became several weeks of text conversation we talked about her frequent trips swimming, outings with friends, you know the usual things people get up to.

We eventually settled on a day to meet and all was good.  A couple of days before I text to confirm :-

Blow out 1.

Me :  “Morning… another great day by the looks of it. So was it tomorrow eve we were meeting?”

M: “We had said Wednesday, but I need to reschedule – Sorry. I’m going for an arthroscopy on my knee tomorrow afternoon… didnt realise that I wouldn’t be able to walk.!!”

Ok so pretty decent excuse I thought, easy to maybe forget an appointment, although did seem pretty major, not like a trip to the dentist.

M: “Could potentially do something next Tuesday?”

So I agreed to try again the following week, again we texted furiously throughout the week catching up on each others shenanigans.  The weekend prior to the next date day was the Bank Holiday.  She was going home to visit her folks and take part in a local village sports day. Sounds fun I thought, nothing like a bit of wellie wanging….

Blog Out 2. Tuesday Morning Text  :

M: “Morning how are you? Im really sorry, but Im not going to be able to make tonight. Ive been asked to give a graduate presentation – Yawn”

She goes on to explain its a programme at work.  Bit odd I thought to do a presentation in the evening…? Anyhoooo….

M: ” I know rubbish. Im away in Edinburgh, but could meet next Monday?”

I made a little jibe at the fact she’s bailed again.

Me: “Haha another week? We can try, maybe third time lucky?”

So again another week passes of us exchanging texts, she sends me picture from her trip to Edinburgh. I wasn’t too fussed about waiting another week as I was up in Cambridge with a work trip anyway. It got to the Thursday prior to the date. I was preparing to go up North as friends were putting on a Birthday BBQ for me, my actual birthday was on the Monday when we had agreed to meet.

M: “ps are you sure you want to see me on your Birthday?”  Hmm maybe alarm bells should have rung here..

I send a jokey response Me : “Why, might you make me unhappy?”

M: “haha nope, but if you think I look like a troll it might make you unhappy!!”

Me: “Doubtful, you look cute 🙂 Just dont cancel again….”

M: “I wont especially as its your birthday”

I wasn’t too bothered about going on a date on my birthday, id already spent the weekend with friends, and we really seemed to get on so seemed like a good excuse to go out for a few drinks with M anyway.

We continued texting, discussing what to do, and settled on her showing me around Crystal Palace as Id never really been.

The morning of the Birthday Date (The Big One) !!

Im wandering around the house in my birthday suit (naked), making coffee, seemed apt for my birthday no? We exchange some more texts which had become quite the norm by now.

M: “Still find the whole thing a bit strange. Hopefully you can put my mind at rest later”

Me: “Am I your first Tinder date?”

M: “No, but I cant say ive spoken to anyone as much as you!!”

Me: ” What’s strange then?”

M: “Probably because the few dates I have been on, the people have not really been as they’ve made out!!”

She continues to explain that the first few dates she had were the usual arrogant creeps or just a bit odd. So I try to put her mind at rest. We exchange recent photos (I re-sent her my whatsapp photo as it was recent anyway) so there are no surprises.


M: ” Sorry… Im not sure there is any point in us meeting later. Nothing about you, I just find the whole thing a bit weird. Sorry.”

Me: “Oh? What’s up?”

M:  “I dont mean to give you bad news on your birthday.”

Well cheers seems you are anyway right? (Clearly in my head not text)

M: “I feel bad about the whole birthday thing, but we’ve never met so you cant take it personally!!”

Are you fecking serious? You are bailing on my on my birthday literally hours before meeting and minutes after discussing arrangements. (More thoughts)

I carry on digging, i’m going to get a decent reason here for her blowing me out at such late notice, geee what a great birthday this is turning out to be.

It transpires that she has been having complications from an ex and due to the past bad experiences she’d now decided to bail.


Well lessons learned.

1) If someone bails twice, they probably will again.

2) Don’t arrange a date on your Birthday however sure it seems 🙂

3) You can never quite tell whats going on in peoples lives or heads and sometimes there just isnt any point in trying to fathom it 🙂

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  1. Jonathan Bird August 19, 2014 at 4:38 pm #

    Great lessons learned. You can only reschedule so many times before someone loses interest.

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