The American Connection

This was my first real connection from Ohh Gay Stupid (rhyming slang not the actual site, you’ll catch on…)  her profile was very well written and she was pretty.  Mid thirties, recently moved to London from LA to start a new role in a well known news organisation.

I’d kind of settled in my mind that I wasn’t going to just go on random dates for the sake of it as I really didn’t have the time and there is nothing worse than spending an hour or more with a person that you don’t fancy or have any interest in.

To start we exchanged a few messages on the site and we progressed onto What’sapp, my chosen messaging tool.  She was happy to exchange numbers.  I asked if shed like to speak on the phone, her response being “I don’t really like talking on the phone”  a little odd I thought for someone working in the news industry. We exchanged a few more messages and then finally talked.  I instantly loved her accent, well spoken with an american Twang.  She’d only arrived in the UK three months ago, it was towards the end of January when we first talked.  She was a producer who’d moved from LA to seemingly to further her career and build on her love for travel around Europe.  This ticked a lot of boxes for me, pretty, educated, good career, new to the country so plenty of potential for interesting dates to show her around.

Several texts later we agreed to meet up,  this was one of my first proper dates, I liked her and I wanted to make a good impression. I knew she loved cocktails so I started to look into some nice bars around London and settled on Soho.  We agreed to meet at Oxford Circus tube and then id walk her to my surprise chosen location for our drink.  I got there a little early and waited nervously and rather cold outside the tube station, ducking in and out of the shops on Oxford St to keep warm.

We exchanged a few texts while she was on the tube she asked if I was nervous, obviously I was but replied ” No of course not why are you?”

When she arrived she strolled out of the tube, her red hair blowing in the wind with a beaming smile.  Instantly I relaxed and we had a hug and exchanged cheek kisses.  I walked her to my chosen bar in Soho, the Blind Pig. It had a reputation for being a well kept secret of a venue that served great drinks.  When we arrived it was pretty busy, we couldn’t get a table to start so stood by the bar and chatted.  Usual first date conversation, what we do for work, what we enjoy doing outside of work.  I was impressed with the venue as it gave us plenty of distractions and the cocktails were good.  Id booked a table at Ceviche so after our drinks we made are way to have the meal.  Again the venue was packed, I guess everyone else had seen the same reviews that I had and were all tucking in to their Peruvian dishes.  Conversation continued to flow, and the drinks too.  She commented on how well she thought id “Produced” the night as her past partners would generally just got with whatever she wanted, so she liked the idea that id made such an effort.  Good times I thought things are going well.

After the meal we wandered around the by now dark and wet streets in Soho looking for a new bar to have a final drink in.  We stumbled across quite a swanky looking venue that was relatively quiet and agreed to head in.  This is where E (Ill refer to her as E for now) introduced me to my now much loved cocktail, a Manhattan.  Quite a strong drink, bourbon, vermouth and bitters with a bit of ice. More of a sipper than a glugger.  We took our drinks and sat down at a table.  We were quite tipsy by now having sunk quite a variety of cocktails, she decides to tell me some random facts about herself.

E “Just so you know i’ve been married but now divorced”  Okkkkk… I think, doesn’t really bother me.

E “I also have this thing on my leg I keep picking, its my only bad habbit”  OOOkkkkkayyy getting slightly more random.

E “I have these extra bones in my mouth…” Erm what I ask?  E ” Yeah look” She opens her mouth and points into just behind her teeth, and sure enough there are two little kind of shelves behind her teeth that most people don’t have.

Well I wasn’t really expecting such honesty but she seemed to want to get everything out on the table, maybe it was the drink talking i’m not sure, but it was kind or cute in a weird way.

I felt compelled to kiss her, not because of the random honesty but the night had gone really well so far and after a few drinks I thought why the hell not so I went for it.  The kissing was great, became very addictive, nothing sloppy and felt just right.

After having a bit of a joke about one of the young guys behind us looking very much like Ron Weasley off Harry Potter we decided that it was late and we needed to make a move.  I’d got the train that night and didn’t want to miss the last one so I saw her to the bus stop, getting completely drenched and off she went.  Unlucky for me id neglected to notice there was a tube strike and I was now stranded in Soho needing to get back to Victoria.  After running around in the soaking wet for about 20mins I jumped in a cab and was on my way home…..

To be Continued…..

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  1. Jonathan Bird August 19, 2014 at 4:33 pm #

    Loving the “Ohh Gay Stupid (rhyming slang not the actual site, you’ll catch on…)” – amazing stuff

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