Has LoveStruck Out?

LoveStruck events were one of the best social single evenings in London, three years on…. Ohh dear, what’s happened?

I messaged my wingman and suggested we went back to LoveStruck @ Patch Bar to re-live some of the amazing nights that I’d had there.

When we arrived, it was quite quiet, around 6pm so not unusual so got some drinks in and grabbed a table.  My wing man was on form and approached the nearest table of ladies for a chat.  We noticed that one of them had grabbed a red straw (the “im single” sign).  I commented on it and she looked at me confused….

You not here for the singles night? I say.

No… What singles night? She replies.

Uh Oh.  I take my wing man to the side.  I wonder how many people in here are actually here for the event?

I spot a single guy looking a bit sheepish and go and ask him if he’s here for the event. He was, but added that he’d discovered all the people around the sides of the room on tables were corporate bookings. Ok, so hang on… how many people does that leave in the room that are actually here for the event? By this time it was about 8pm when the party would usually be in full swing.

We counted about 10 at most people who we could definitely say had actually turned up for the LoveStruck event rather than just wandered in.

It’s a big shame LoveStruck, not sure what’s happened to your awesome events. From a customer point of view you are best cancelling them if the venue is full of unwitting members of the public who don’t know they are sitting in the middle of an advertised singles night…

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