Inner Circle Blue Door Housewarming Event Review

If you’re already a privileged member of The Inner Circle then I hope you made this event however if not, and you like what you read in this review you should sign up.  Inner Circle events are some of the hottest in town (no I don’t mean the current 30c weather).

Swiftly after joining The Inner Circle I grabbed a ticket with both hands as they sell out FAST!!! Surprisingly the ladies always sell out first, so guys, if you are looking for a great place to meet some amazing people these parties are not to be missed.

The small description of the party was a little teaser, some photos from last year and a mention of the infamous Michael (Jukebox) Moore.  More about him later. (No pun intended).

The night of the party I climbed into a smart suit and jumped on the tube, the party seemed to be pretty relaxed but wanted to make a good impression.  I had no idea what to expect, only that I knew the Inner Circle crowd are a cut above the rest, carefully selected by their team to join.

Luckily the venue wasn’t far from the tube as Fulham isn’t my usual neck of the woods.  The Blue Door venue has a very discrete entrance on the main road, the only give away being a polite and well-dressed greeter stood outside.


Taking a deep breath I headed in, met by a lovely smile from the host who checked off my name and handed me a Lego brick…

What’s this for?

Ohh, that’s for your first drink at the bar…

Hmm interesting, I was kind of hoping for a Lego build off, but a drink at this point was much more appealing.

To set the scene, the venue is like walking into someone’s house party but with two bars.  One in the kitchen serving up smoothies and cocktails and the other in the main lounge providing your main drink needs.  Wow, if I had a house, it would be like this I thought to myself.  A separate lounge was kitted out as a games room with pool table, board games and Super Nintendo.  All I could think of in that moment was Golden Eye.  But come on James, this is a dating event.

It was already bustling with people, a pretty even mix of men and women.  Ironically I bump into a guy as he walks in and we start chatting.  Fancy a wingman?  Sure, let’s get a drink in with our Lego bricks…..  Going to events on your own can be quite daunting, but I felt at home here.  There was no pressure to approach people and with my wingman by my side we felt comfortable approaching the groups of ladies that had formed introducing ourselves.

Michael the Jukebox Moore was on fire, tunes rolling off the keyboard as requests flooded in via post-it notes.  How does he know all these songs?  The guy was a legend.


Age wise there was an even spread of members from late 20s to possibly 40s, hard to tell… Not the best at judging ages, but no one looked out of place.

The games room was busy once ladies and gents had broken the ice, pool and Mario Kart competitions in full flow.  Everyone was talking, a few sat at the perimeter on the lavish arm chairs in the lounge, maybe having a break and taking in the atmosphere.


I really enjoyed myself at this event, spoke to some great people, men and women.  It didn’t really seem to matter that both guys and ladies were forming their own social groups, there wasn’t any pressure to approach a lady, only when it seemed natural.

Speed dating and other awkward singles events are a thing of the past, with The Inner Circle Polo event just around the corner I get the feeling the dating dial is about to be turned up.

Haven’t signed up to join The Inner Circle yet?  Read my review here for tips on how to better your chances of selection, I hope to meet you at an event soon.

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