Can Keeping Fit Make You More Attractive?

Its Official !!  Dating captures the interest of many industries and in this case fitness.  GymBuzz , a great source of local gym information, contacted me for a chat to ask my opinion on the connections between fitness and success in dating.

Can keeping fit make you more attractive?

Here’s what they asked.

1. When guys are dating a girl, are they looking for someone health conscious, or are they just attracted by the stereotypical gym bunny?

2. We all know how scary dating can seem to be, how does regular exercise help overcome this fear?

3. Does exercise enhance one’s sex life? Can you tell us about your experience when it comes to this?

4. When dating, what do you believe it says about someone who loves to take part in regular exercise?

5. From your experience, do women tend to be more attracted to those who look after their body and workout regularly? What have women said about this?

Read the full article and my answers here @ GymBuzz – Fitness and Dating.

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