What Is Chemistry?

Along with The Friends Zone, Chemistry is another one of those mysteries of dating that I hear many people mentioning.  I’ve experienced it first hand when being placed in the Friends Bucket.

I think largely used by women, this term actually means :-

Women say, “I didn’t feel any chemistry between us.”

In more straight forward guy language “look I like you but I don’t fancy you.”

I think us gents take a very much more literal approach to dating, I personally know within about 2 mins if I am physically attracted to a woman or not. A guy who then is attracted to a women and has date where the conversation flows is then usually more than happy to explore further on dates 2 or 3 before he really makes his mind up if things are going to progress.

Women on the other hand appear to look a lot deeper than this.

  1. Do I fancy him?
  2. Does he make me laugh?
  3. Is he a gentleman?
  4. Does he flirt with me?
  5. Is there that golden chemistry?

Now I’m only in my mid 30s but since the introduction of dating apps, women and quite possibly us guys, seem to have raised their expectations quite considerably, especially in The City.  There seems to be exception to confirm this all within a couple of hours that you have your first date.  If they don’t get it then they seem happy to move on to the next on their list of Swipe Rights.

I’m really interested in hearing female opinions on this, as I’ve spoken with a few of my female friends, all be it they are not currently dating and they seem to agree with me that you cant really establish or project these things so quickly.

What say you?


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  1. Jonathan Bird August 19, 2014 at 4:40 pm #

    Chemistry is that ‘mystical spark’ that just is or isn’t there! Word to the wise – it takes two to tango.

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